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About Us

Cloud Mountain

Cloud Mountain all began from the depths of a small village that was surrounded by an enormous mountain range. One particular mountain stood higher than the rest and was said to be the guardian of the villagers who lived below. It is known by the people who live in this village, that this mountain is called Cloud Mountain. 


About Us:

Cloud Mountain is a fully focused, customer-centric based company that designs indoor and outdoor furniture. We strive to create the highest quality of product, while reducing costs to our clients by removing unnecessary participants in the delivery of our sales.

We believe the key to delivering quality products, in an efficient professional manner, is our direct interaction with clients. Working and speaking directly with clients creates a more personable approach to buying furniture.

With over ten years experience in the manufacture of premium indoor and outdoor furniture products, we have now embarked on an expansion of our business to integrate online sales into our overall strategy.

Our Furniture:

Each piece of our furniture consists of its own sleek ergonomic modern design. All of our products are rigorously tested for quality and assurance. We make sure to attach easy to use assembly instructions for simplicity of our users.

Our styles and reliable craftsmanship will weather ever-changing trends along withregular use, for years to come.

Our Commitment To You:

Our main priority is to provide you, our customers, with products of the highest quality which are safe, easy to use and enjoyable.

As our client, you can be assured that we value your commitment to us. We continue to improve our customer satisfaction levels to the highest quality each and every day. Your expectations and aspirations are what drive us to continually improve the quality of our products and services.

Our simple mission is to make your enjoyment of our furniture as relaxing and pleasurable as possible!